Adrian and Greg Engagement

March 09, 2015  •  4 Comments








I've known Adrian many years now.  I"ve seen her ups and her downs, and a couple of boyfriends.  A while back, I started hearing about this "new" one and how he was THE ONE.  I was like, yea, yea.....whatever AJ.  But after meeting him today, I have to say he's an impressive young man.





Adrian has always had a flair for the dramatic if you know what I mean, and with Greg serving our country in the U.S. Navy, she wanted something "retro" and "vintage" in her engagement photos.  When I found out he was in the Navy, one iconic photo came to mind.

What do you think?


Brandie Campbell(non-registered)
Love this! So happy for Adrian& Greg! Can't wait to see more photos
Dana Maxwell(non-registered)
Dave Walker(non-registered)
These are wonderful photos!! What a beautiful couple and a creative photographer......hats off to all of you!
Bernadette Walker(non-registered)
Those are the best ever :) I am so proud of both
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