First Time Black and White Film

March 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

A while back, while at one of my photography workshops, the discussion of the differences between black and white film, and black and white images created from digital cameras, and how they are totally different.  Having never even owned a film camera, I had to educate myself.  Then, I had to actually FIND a decent film camera that I could use my collection of lenses with.  A good Google search turned up several, but I settled on an older Canon EOS 1-N.  After also getting a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 film, I managed to get out one Monday afternoon on an overcast day,and snap off 36 frames.

After that, I found out that it's not that easy to get REAL black and white film developed using traditional methods.  Local labs develop the film, but print it on regular color paper, using color printers.  I'm told it's not really black and white.  So, I found a company in california that actually develops the black and white film the old fashioned way, and make prints the old fashioned way in a darkroom.  Of course the company is called "".  Imagine that?

As part of their deal, they also scan your negatives, upload them to a website for download, and send you copies on CD.  I got my downloads tonight, and I picked out 10 from the list of 36 and uploaded them here.  They have not been edited at all. 

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Maurice Kelly(non-registered)
Looks good....I did plenty of BW work and had my own darkroom...Enjoyed it but to be honest, I have no desire to go back...
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