Collins Photography: Blog en-us Collins Photography (Collins Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:54:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:54:00 GMT Collins Photography: Blog 82 120 Summer - Round 3 Check out Summer's 3rd round of Senior portraits!!!  Stunning as always.


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Kailee Muise - Round 2 Finally got another chance to shoot this little firecracker.  She is definitely a lot of fun to point your camera at!!


Let her know what you think of her experience.

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Emily - NCHS Class of 2016 Many thanks for coming to us for your senior portraits.  I've shot Emily once before with one of her best friends at NCHS.  I'm very glad she came to me to finish up her portraits for her senior year at Newton County High School.  It was a little windy, and a tad chilly in places downtown, but as you can see, she takes a fabulous portrait.  Here are a few of our favorites from today!!

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Summer - NCHS Class of 2016 Part 2 We finally got around to doing Part 2 of Summer's Senior portraits.  It was pretty cold this afternoon, but Summer stuck in there and got it done.  More to come, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.  Here are some sneak peeks form today's session.





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New Modeling Muse Check out who I hope will be a new photography muse.  Wait, I mean MUISE!  Welcome Miss Kailee Muise!  Kailee goes to Newton County High school and loves to model and pose. And she is just as cute as a button!  Thanks for reaching out to me and offering to model for me, and for braving that COLD COLD WIND that came into Chunky at the last minute.




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Lindsey - Maternity Well, it's getting close Mrs. Jones!  

Thank you for coming to me for your maternity portraits.   I gotta say you looked absolutely glowing.  I'm sure little Mr. Jones will be a handsome little man!  Be sure to come back for some new-born photos as soon as he is up for it.  Hopefully, it will be before the first of April.



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Pageant Contestants Brittany and Graci came by the studio this afternoon to get some head-shots made for some upcoming pageants they are going to be in.  This was Brittany's first time, but I think she absolutely nailed it.  Graci, being a member of my extended family, has been getting her photos done by more for a long time.

If anyone else needs some head-shots done for the upcoming pageant season, let me know soon.  I will not be taking appointments after the end of March for a while.

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Smith Family Portraits Here is a couple of sneak peeks from today's family session with the Smiths.  Aren't these two little ladies just a couple of cuties??


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Summer - NCHS Class of 2016 Well, my good friend Summer is finally a Senior.  Today, we got outside and got started on her senior portraits.  Here are a few of my initial favorites, although I have to say that it was really hard to pick these out.  Summer just really doesn't take a bad picture.


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Mississippi Delta - 2015

I just returned from my annual trek through the Mississippi Delta. From Clarksdale's wonderful Shackup Inn, down to the great eats at Yazoo City's Cafe 7 diner, this years trip was wonderful. It did rain all weekend and it turned a bit cold before we left. However, as usually, we had a great time, and managed to get in a few spectacular images as you can see here.


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Copy and Paste - Forest Twins Neil and Tiffany have been good customers for year, and keep coming back as their family grows.   This go around, they got two for the price of one, or as their Uncle Wesley said, "Copy and Paste".


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When Seniors Return It's so nice to have a young woman come back to me for her baby's portraits after I did her Senior Portraits years ago.  I wonder if she noticed her face on the wall when she came into the studio this evening?  Little Miss Atley Kate Townsend was such a pleasure to photograph today.  Doesn't she have a wonderful smile?

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Pumpkin Patch Kids Are these not some the cutest Pumpkin Patch Kids you ever saw?

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Harrison Family I had such a good time this afternoon with Kerry, Dawn, and Mr. Tripp.  It's been a long time since I've seen Kerry, and little Tripp looks just like he did when he was little.  Here's a few sneak peeks from their session this afternoon.

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Wall Family Portraits It was time for the  2015 edition of the Wall Family portraits.  This year, we did them on a Saturday afternoon in Hickory, MS.  We all had  a lot of fun until the most recent addition to the family let it be known that the photoshoot was officially over.   And what he says goes.

Here are a few from the session - Click the thumbnail to view the larger image.



Click here to view the entire gallery from this wonderful family's session.

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Senior Class of 2016 Specials

For the months of September and October, 2015, we are offering a 25% discount off of your total purchase, PLUS we will include a set of 25 graduation invitations (custom designed just for you, including 25 white envelopes). 

As always, Collins Photography does not charge a sitting fee.  I take your senior portraits at not charge.  I do charge a minimum print fee that is applied towards your final print purchase.  Think of it as a simple down payment.

My fees are as follows:
1 outfit -  $150
2 outfits - $175
3 outfits - $250
4 outfits - $350 

Email me at or call/text to 601-616-1636


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Summer at Dunn's Falls Summer and I made a trip out to Dunn's Falls in Savoy a week or so ago.  It wasn't as hot as it has been being, but the river was a bit low, and not a lot of water flowing over the falls.  This will probably be one of the last swimsuit shoots I get to do this year.  Feel free to leave comments on any of the pictures!!!



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Experimentation with Film (with Summer) I recently posted a blog entry where I shot some portraits downtown with Summer.  I've started getting some of the film versions of those shots in and here are a few of them.  When the others come in, I'll add them to this page.



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Old South 2 - 35mm film

Round 2 from my trip last month to Vicksburg and down to Natchez.  These were taken with 35mm B/W Ilford 100 film.  I nearly broke my leg and camera taking this picture of the bridge slipping on wet concrete.


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Graci I"ve known Graci since she was a baby, and now, she is part of my extended family.  This young lady is a sweetheart, absolutely beautiful, and stands nearly 5'10 .  And she is not quite 13 years old.  School at Newton County Academy is gearing up and she will be a member of the junior-varsity Fast-Pitch team.  Leave some comments and let us know what you think about her portraits.  If you see her around town, ask her how you can get stunning portraits like hers.


Click here to view a few more from her session.

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Film Portraits with 35mm and Medium Format I've recently started experimenting with film, and I actually managed to get my hands on a Yashica D, medium format camera from 1965 and had it completely restored.  With my Canon 1N, and this Yashica, I've decided to start some film portraiture work.  Summer was happy to help me out and here are a few of the digital versions so you can see what they might look like when the film comes back from the lab.  We are both used to instant gratification with digital, so the wait will be different.

Enjoy, feel free to comment and let Summer and I know what you think..

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Vicksburg and Natchez - Old South This weekend, I took a short little trip over to Vicksburg, MS.  We spent the night in Vicksburg and had a fantastic dinner at a new rooftop restaurant called 10 South.  You can visit their website at  .  I highly recommend you visit the next time you are in Vicksburg.

When we got up Saturday morning, we drove around Vicksburg taking photos.  Many of the ones I took won't be available online until I can get the film developed.  When I do, I'll update this blog post. 

After leaving Vicksburg, we drove down Hwy 61 and over to the Ruins of Windsor.  This was not my first time to visit the ruins, and won't be my last.


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Chance Collins - NCA Class of 2015 and MAIS Class-A Football Champion When I graduated from Newton County Academy back in 1984, we only dreamed of a state championship:  In any sport.   If any sport, we made it to the playoffs a few times in basketball.  But we never dreamed of it in Football!

My cousin, Chance, got to live that dream.  There were a lot of Generals on the field with them that night in Clinton, MS when it came down to the wire, and a 7-6 win.  We were all very proud that night!!

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Hughes - Age 2 Jamiah has been coming to get portraits made since before this little thing was born.  We barely managed to get these in before the thunderstorm hit.  When this little girl really starts talking, I think she is going to have quite a bit to say to people!!!

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Girls With Guns - Summer I've been meaning to do some Senior Concept shoots , and my good friend and muse, Summer was more than willing.  How would YOU like to have pictures done like this?  Ask either me or Summer how you can.


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McConnell Family Portraits Crystal and David have been good customers for years now.  We put together a quick family session out on the highway between Newton and Hickory this afternoon.  The light was gorgeous, the sky was blue and just a few whips of clouds in the background.

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Lady in Red


The month of April has pretty much sucked.   That is, until today.  It was a gorgeous day, and it ended with a lakeside shoot at sunset with a gorgeous young blonde in red.  I know Summer probably thought I was crazy, but I had this idea in my head.  I had seen as similar shot done by a photographer in another state and I just wanted to get Summer involved and put my twist on it.  Leave some comments and let us know how you think we did.


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Colby - NCHS Class of 2015 Big shout out to Colby, Newton County High School Class of 2015.  

We finished up round two of his senior portraits, with at least one more round to go.  Hit him up for details on his experience.

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Alabama Road Trip and Shootout - 2015 Twice a year, I participate in a "shootout" of sorts with a group of photographers from various parts of the country.  In the spring, we normally gather in northern Alabama, and in the fall, it is a more westerly location (last year was the Mississippi Delta Blues Country in Clarksdale, MS).  This spring started on Friday morning in Birmingham, Alabama at the historic Sloss Furnaces.  This was a super cool location with gigantic furnaces, and tons of metal "props".  After leaving the Birmingham, we headed on up to our main location in the Decatur/Madison/Huntsville, Alabama area.  If you've never been in this part of the country, you should visit sometime.  It's in the lower foothills of the mountains, and there are little streams, and caves, and all kinds of neat stuff to see all over the place.  We had a few very dedicated models working with us for different looks, as well as just shooting the gorgeous scenery.


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Easter Portraits - Rigdon Wall


Little man came by for his first Easter Portraits.  He was a real trooper and was pretty down with everything until the jelly beans came out.  I'm not sure that he will be a jelly bean fan!!!!



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Deville Family Thursday afternoon, I had to pleasure to photograph the 5 children of the Deville family.  What a nice, pleasant, and courteous bunch of young boys and girls.  There are times, when photographing a group of 5 sibling can be daunting, to say the least.   Not so with this group.  They were extremely polite and listened to everything I asked them to do to get their portraits completed.

Thanks for coming to us for your portrait needs, and we hope to see you again in the coming months and years.

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First Time Black and White Film A while back, while at one of my photography workshops, the discussion of the differences between black and white film, and black and white images created from digital cameras, and how they are totally different.  Having never even owned a film camera, I had to educate myself.  Then, I had to actually FIND a decent film camera that I could use my collection of lenses with.  A good Google search turned up several, but I settled on an older Canon EOS 1-N.  After also getting a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 film, I managed to get out one Monday afternoon on an overcast day,and snap off 36 frames.

After that, I found out that it's not that easy to get REAL black and white film developed using traditional methods.  Local labs develop the film, but print it on regular color paper, using color printers.  I'm told it's not really black and white.  So, I found a company in california that actually develops the black and white film the old fashioned way, and make prints the old fashioned way in a darkroom.  Of course the company is called "".  Imagine that?

As part of their deal, they also scan your negatives, upload them to a website for download, and send you copies on CD.  I got my downloads tonight, and I picked out 10 from the list of 36 and uploaded them here.  They have not been edited at all. 

What do you think?


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Adrian and Greg Engagement








I've known Adrian many years now.  I"ve seen her ups and her downs, and a couple of boyfriends.  A while back, I started hearing about this "new" one and how he was THE ONE.  I was like, yea, yea.....whatever AJ.  But after meeting him today, I have to say he's an impressive young man.





Adrian has always had a flair for the dramatic if you know what I mean, and with Greg serving our country in the U.S. Navy, she wanted something "retro" and "vintage" in her engagement photos.  When I found out he was in the Navy, one iconic photo came to mind.

What do you think?

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Easter Portraits


Easter will be here soon, so it's time to break out those Easter dresses and get the kids all dressed up for the big day.  I don't do bunnies, unless they are on the dinner table, but I do take great Easter portraits.  I can do them in the studio, or outside on a pretty afternoon.  Don't wait until the last minute to reserve a spot.  Since Easter portraits typically only have one outfit, I charge a flat $50 fee, which as always, I apply to your account for your final print order.  It's just a simple deposit.


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