Zenfolio | Tony Collins Newton Mississippi Photographer | FAQ


Q.  How much do you charge for pics?  
A.  I don't take "pics".  Anyone can take pics.  I take portraits, and yes there is a big difference.  Classic portraits are an investment in the decor of your home.  The final cost of your investment will depend on the size and quantity of the items you choose.

Q.  Can I get my pics on a disk and print them myself?
A.  See above question and answer for part of the answer.  The second part is no, I don't sell a disk of pictures that you can print yourself.  I use professional labs to print all of my portraits to ensure the colors are vibrant and the print materials are top notch, so that they can decorate your home for years to come.

Q.  Do you ever offer specials or discounts on your services?
A.  Yes, I sure do.  Register on this website and visit it often to keep up with any upcoming specials.

Q.  Do you ever need models or spokespersons?
A.  From time to time in the past, I have used models to test out new ideas or techniques.  If you think you might be interested in something like that, use the contact link above and drop me a note.

Q.  Do you ever help models/actors/etc with their portfolio?
A.  Yes, for anyone looking for a portfolio building photoshoot, use the contact link above to tell me what you have in mind, so I can give you a fair quote for my services.

Q.  How much do you charge for special events such as family reunions, anniversary celebrations, etc?
A.  It would depend on the circumstances but basically it's an hourly rate for my time that is applied towards your print purchase.